Not only is Layla getting teased by a few little girls at school for wearing her “boy” superhero T-shirts, but last week I learned from another parent that one little girl is telling the whole class behind Layla’s back that Layla is in fact a boy. My friend’s son came home from school one day and asked her if Layla was a boy & was confused because that’s what a girl at school was saying, but he had thought all along what Layla was a girl. After clearing it up with him she called to let me know & I’ve since spoken with the teachers. This is a class of 4-year olds! I just can’t believe this is happening!

For Christmas Layla received a few hair bows in her stocking that were superhero themed. She’s been wearing them lately with her superhero T-shirts to girly her outfits up a bit. I bought them before the teasing began, and I hate feeling like we’re only doing this so the teasing will stop. Luckily Layla is still quite a girly girl, hence the “Comic books and tiaras” and she has loved wearing the bows. I’m going to try and find more in different colours and superhero styles so they can match all of her superhero T-shirts!

And yes, this photo is totally staged, I just wanted to get a cute photo of Layla reading Batgirl with her bat symbol bow.